OLAP Jokes to tickle your Funny Bone

I came across this collection of really funny OLAP Jokes.

Posting some of them..

Q: Why did the dimension take all day to take off its suit and put on a pair of jeans?
A: It was a slowly-changing dimension

Q: Why couldn't the hierarchy become a tightrope-walker?
A: It was unbalanced

Q: Why did the dimension keep itself to itself?
A: It was a private dimension.

Q: What's the porn director's favourite MDX function?
A: BottomCount

Q: What MDX function makes Previous Year Growth and Market Share blush?
A: StripCalculatedMembers

Q: How did the BI developer send his backed-up database to a colleague on the other side of London?
A: In a .cab file

And my favorite one.

Q: Was the cube straight or gay?
A: Neither, it was BI.

Source: http://intelligent-bi.blogspot.fr/2009/09/olap-jokes-to-tickle-your-funny-bone.html


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