Would you rather use perforce's p4merge to p4diff your git files?
This is what I did:

  • downloaded p4v and installed p4merge only
    • (does not require the p4 server).
  • edited my gitconfig file 
    • in {wherever you installed git}/etc/ and added:
      • [merge]
          tool = p4merge
          prompt = false
  • from the command line you now run "git difftool" and voila!
  • All the changes are displayed one after the other in p4diff (you close a file the next opens up)
  • you should be able to pass extra arguments to diff specific files - not sure - but worth a check
  • for now I'm happy that I can see my changes in what I am so used to : )
  • using the argument 'HEAD' diffs against head revision 
    • (issue: causing diff attempts on null files: once before and once after all files)
    • read somewhere of a wrapper script that can handle this issue... TODO!