Repairing Disk Permissions

After reading a thread that lasted four or so years, i finally discover the last post, and the last post is really what mattered.


Hope this helps:


Hey Fellas,

you drive me really crazy with all your shittalk. I nearly spend 30 Precious dollars on a worthless crap software called iDefrag or something.
Well you bitches, here is a 100% working way to do it without spending 1 ****ing $:
(write following steps on paper)

1. Insert the MAC installation CD into your Mac.
2. Reboot and Hold the "C" key down.
3. Choose language.
4. Select "Utility" (or something) in the navbar on the top of the screen.
5. Select Disk Utility.
6. Select your Disk.
7. Press "Repair Disk" and wait until it finishes.
8. Press "Repair Disk Permissions" and wait until it finishes.
9. Reboot.
10. Open your Boot Camp Assistant (I kno you kno how to find it!)

-> Now it'll work at 99% sure.

I tried this on 100 Macs with the same problem and 99 times it worked. No Joke.
DO NOT BUY iDefrag or some other dipshit paying tools unless you have ******** of money and want to support some poor dudes. But in that case you would better send your money to me 'coz I really solved the issue.
iDefrag however could work at a 75% rate.
Other tools might have a similar working %.
But mine is free and no risk. It is actually what Apple Support Team advised me to so !


There ya go,
MC Moe